Managing Epidemics

RegPoint plays a vital and pivotal role in managing epidemics.

All public health experts agree that the key to fighting any viral outbreak is early detection and immediate quarantine of infected persons.  But to date, detection and quarantine have only been possible once the patient arrives at a medical facility. There has been no way to identify a patient or a cluster within the population before medical attention is sought.

To be effective in the fight against emerging viruses, the public health professional must be able to rapidly identify the emergence of a disease outbreak both internal to the local healthcare system and externally in the public domain.

RegPoint have created a completely new medium through which the disease control supervisor, physician and patient can communicate in the event of a public health threat or other emergency.

Information is delivered in a secure manner using mobile phones from the selected individuals (healthcare professionals, other first responders, military personnel, airline staff, or members of the public) to allow analysis of clinical information to be conducted to identify outbreak clusters in the surveillance population. This is the only solution that can identify clusters before patients arrive at a health facility.

By using the RegPoint service, disease management authorities can easily identify the number and location of people with symptoms of an epidemic disease. Advice and alerts can be sent to them, as well as to the healthcare administrators.